Week 184

It’s no biggy

Great animated gifs by Thoka Maer. I love them all. Visit the site here: http://itsnobiggie.tumblr.com/

Thanks Harriet

Hot Angle

Created by Axe dry. A cheeky webcam angle gives you a view into a young female household. It then analyses how much you worked up a sweat.

Thanks Luke


I went for a great burger at Meat Liquor this week ,which spurred on my colleague, Ed Hughes, to send me a list of burgers to try before you die. I couldn’t keep this valuable information to myself so here it is:

An interactive cloud made of 6000 light bulbs

A lovely installation by artist Caitlind r.c. Brownthat appeared September 15th in Alberta, Canada. The piece is made from 1,000 working lightbulbs on pullchains and an additional 5,000 made from donated burnt out lights donated by the public. Read more about here: http://incandescentcloud.wordpress.com/

Women who dare to game

I came across the below article in this mornings Metro. Quite staggered at the abuse women in the gaming community are regularly receiving  with opponents often threatening to kill or rape them. One woman has decide to document the abuse she receives including actual recordings. See her blog here: http://www.notinthekitchenanymore.com/

Read the full article here:

~ by christineturner on September 28, 2012.

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