The trustworthiness of beards.

Awkward family photos

We may have posted something similar to this before but for the sake of a good laugh take a look at the updated pics on awkward family photos!

The $300 Chat Roulette “Killer” Viral

Here is another new chat roulette campaign, it’s a viral campaign for Buzz TV in Spain, a TV station that claims to be Intense, Real and has No Limits.

The viral campaign video managed a solid 125,000 views on YouTube in just a few weeks. Apparently McCann Erickson managed to talk to their client out of a quick banner campaign and into something completely different.

Pictures of the oil leak

When I stumbled upon this it was described as ‘beautiful pictures of an environmental disaster’. I know how I feel about it. Judge for yourself.


Pacman Google logo…

And a story about how many people played it!

John Lewis

A funny group set up on facebook about adam&eve’s John Lewis ad.


No idea what this is for, of what the line says, but it’s compelling all the same.



Google TV

TV + Search = Brilliant.

~ by lloydsimon on May 28, 2010.

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